〈The Old Man and the Young Man〉

"Hey, I know one thing or two about sending message," said the old man, "from one to another. You know, I am talking about communication."
"Well...I know, too. It's quite easy," replied the young man.
"Not really," laughed the old.

Not at all.

"It is easier to send than to receive message."
"Indeed, people don't receive message at all."
"They cannot receive."

They perceive.

"People are not listening to you."
"They cannot listen."

They just follow.

"So your words earn nothing," pointed out the old, "nothing more than a shit."
"You don't know my words. Not even one cause I am not yet talking, man," the young shrugged.
"Oh, you NEVER," replied the old.
"And I am wondering who exactly you are to make such a big joke."

The young got offended and shouted.
The old laughed. Twice.

"Now we are talking." Then he said.

You never talk.
For your being a nobody.

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